Sesekali teringin untuk tukar selera ke arah barat? Makanan ala barat merupakan trend terbaru masa kini. Pelbagai jenis menu barat ditawarkan di Floyds Kitchen seperti Sphaghetti Chicken Carbonara, Pasta seafood Aglio Olio, Lamb Chop dan Mac and Cheese. Singgah sekarang Floyd¡¯s Kitchen di No.5 Jalan Lagenda 3, Taman i-Lagenda, 75400 Melaka!

CHEN JI Enterprise

Craving for hawker foods already? Come over to Cheng Garden Avenue Food Heaven to satisfy your craving .Open daily from 8am to 8pm at PT 8736, Jalan Seri 7, Cheng Baru 75250 Malacca City, Malaysia.


Welcoming all Japanese food lovers.Here is a fantastic Japanese Restaurant to try on their dishes .At FUGO RYORI, each dish is meticulously crafted to retain its freshness and flavour. It is creatively prepared to whet your appetite. As the saying goes, you eat with your eyes first. When a dish is visually appealing it becomes even more appetizing. Dont miss it out at No.2 & 4,Jalan Melaka Raya 13,Taman Melaka Raya 75000 Malacca City, Malaysia .

Pasta Recik Kampung Hulu

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta." Calling out all the pasta lovers to try the most delicious pasta in the Malacca Town whereby you can experience many varities of pasta dishes such as : BOLOGNESE CARBONARA AGLIO OLIO MAMAMIA MARINARA CREAMY PESTO CREAMY TOMATO SALTED EGG MAC AND CHEESE LAZA MAC CHILI MAC ARABIATA Do not miss out this marvelous oppurtunity at No 36 Jalan kampung hulu melaka 75200 Malacca City, Malaysia.

Nasi Ayam Baba

Nasi Ayam Baba provides variety of Chinese and Malay foods. The signature food that many people love is Nasi Ayam. Check it out the special chicken rice at No 30, Jalan Pegaga, Taman Merdeka , 75350 Batu Berendam , Melaka.

Chicken and Duck Rice

Who doesn¡¯t love nice plate of chicken or duck rice? It¡¯s among a favorable dish chose by Malaysians. The warm and delicious rice cooked with the chicken stock, accompanied by nice tender pieces of chicken or duck are wonderful combo with dipping sauce of minced chili, garlic and ginger. Find us for a delicious plate of Nasi Ayam/Itik at PT8736 FOOD COURT Jalan Seri 7, Taman Cheng Baru, 75250 Melaka.

Mango Float Royale Melaka

Royale Mango Float expects to catch the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its mango float drinks, The most satisfying drinks in Malacca.The mango float consists of fresh mango into juice which had mixed with a little amount of mango cordial to maintain the Sweetness without any additional sugar. Then a scoop of Wall¡¯s vanilla ice cream and topping with mango cubes. A cup contain 50% real mango juice, 20% Ice & Water and 30% of Ice Cream with the price tag RM6.00 only!!!

Introducing our new online food delivery DUDU APP

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Hi orang Melaka! Teringin untuk makan roti canai Kayu Arang tanpa perlu beratur atau berfikir untuk memarkir kereta. Anda boleh menggunakan App DUDU kami sekarang untuk tempahan online! Roti canai a legitimate Malaysian food for every Malaysian. A staple snack that we would choose for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Restoran Kayu Arang providing customers with an unique style of preparation with charcoal and that is not all, they even have variety of burgers, nasi goreng and noodle to choose. Do visit them at 461/8 Bakat Batu 21/4 Bachang 75300, Melaka. Follow DUDU FB, DUDU IG & DUDU Twitter!!

Nyonya Laksa

Craving for Laksa? A famous spicy noodle soup of Peranakan delicacy. Find them at PT8736 FOOD COURT Jalan Seri 7, Taman Cheng Baru, 75260 Melaka. Chef Teoh¡¯s Signature dish with variety of mouthwatering nyonya laksa made by himself, with generous amount of ingredient include tofu, coconut milk, bean sprout and many more. It surely a satisfying combo for craving soul! Follow DUDU FB, DUDU IG & DUDU Twitter!!


Orang Melaka, Jom makan beriani! Tapi mana nak cari beriani yang sedap eh? Kita dengar ada restoran yang popular di Melaka khas untuk menu beriani. Jom ke Restoran Derr sekarang untuk menikmati pelbagai menu beriani kegemaran yang disediakan. Anda juga boleh membuat tempahan dalam talian untuk penghantaran terus ke lokasi anda di DUDU App kami sekarang! Food Alert! Thinking on having a flavorful and tasty nasi beriani. Visit 589-3, Jalan Bukit Pieta Bukit Pieta, 75150 Melaka, Beriani Corner Derr. The menu includes variety of nasi beriani ayam, nasi beriani kambing and many more option. Don¡¯t forget to order Mango Float too. Follow DUDU FB, DUDU IG & DUDU Twitter!!

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