About Us

“If they can get anything without leaving home, why not us huh?”

By experiencing the ambience of buying convenience in a few foreign cities, a group of youngsters who enjoy the ease brought by technologies had proposed a mobile application known as DUDU for local.

DUDU was developed to provide citizens with the flexibility in carrying out daily life conveniently and efficiently by delivering food, fresh ingredients, daily products and even cleaning services to doorstep.

With the proven usefulness of similar applications in many cities, DUDU will definitely make your life easier.

Apps Categories


Dessert & Beverage





Halal Food

Vegetarian Food / Products



Why Choose Us

Single Solution for Diversified Problems

DUDU is a multiplatform mobile application which provides food, fresh ingredients, daily products and cleaning services to your doorstep. It will the ‘solution’ for your daily problems.
Greater Cover Area

Given up using delivery mobile applications because of only a few merchants listed due to your residential area? Give yourself a chance by trying DUDU, as we are trying to reach citizens far from town.
User also Merchant

DUDU’s users are welcomed to embark on their home business as DUDU’s merchants. No one hates money, huh? DUDU provides an opportunity for users to earn additional income with minimum costing. Quickly
contact us for more information!
More Convenient Order Choices

Other than instant order, DUDU’s user may either choose to order earlier or pick up the order themselves whichever suit their routine the best. How does it work? Let’s try it out now!

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