Hello Malaccan!

21 Jun 2020
Hello Malaccan!
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🛵 DUDU📣📣 Malaccan!
A more than delivery platform is coming to you!

What do you think when getting more people digitalizing their business?
You must be realized that most of the people had used to online shopping, especially during and after MCO.

If you wish to digitalize your business,
If you wish all the consumers within 26km radius can be your potential customers,
If you always forced to reject customer order due to no delivery support,
DUDU is providing you a platform to solve more than these problems!

Welcome to contact us for the solutions!

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为什么人家说 MCO 加速商业数码化?
做生意的你肯定发觉 MCO 后,很多人已经习惯在家购物。

DUDU 提供你解决问题的平台。

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